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Habydate is an all new to date.
Habydate is a location-based mobile dating app that has revolutionized the mobile dating industry. It offers a new set of opportunities, choices, and most importantly, we wish you to find your ideal match - your better fit. Consider Habydate your personal Wing-man.

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Why Us?
Meeting people online is a journey, and you want someone along for the ride that you can trust. When it comes to making a match, consider the habydate app your new copilot.

A Location-based Mobile Dating App That Makes Online Dating Made Safe, Inclusive, And Fun!

Do you and your friend have a 15-minute rule for meeting new people through local dating apps, where they call you 15 minutes into your date, providing you the perfect out in the form of a sick pet or relative? Do you find yourself using this escape more often than not?

If we told you this wasn’t because you were using an online dating app, but because you were investing your time in the wrong dating app, you’d probably have difficulty believing us. But that’s precisely what we’re trying to say, and guess what? We have the dream dating app to support this.

Meet the girl or guy of your dreams on Habydate, a location-based mobile dating app a cut above the rest because it has more filters than the average USA dating app to help you filter out the duds and find your forever someone.

If serious is just not on your agenda right now, we can do casual for sure. Get back in the dating game! Relive the giddiness of meeting a romantic love interest, the anticipation of that first kiss, and the standing-at-the-edge-of-a-cliff sensation of falling hard and fast for a partner who ticks all of your boxes because our local dating app made it that way.

Rest assured, Habydate is committed to inclusivity, meaning you don’t have to go out of your way to find a gay dating app. Our dating application encourages and promotes love the way our users see it. We respect your preferences and understand your need to find love before the clock runs out. Speaking of running out of time, this is yet another area where our online dating app excels.

It’s never too late to find fleeting or forever love at Habydate. Join now!