How To Make Good Impression On Your First Date

Here We Have Some Points You Should Remember to Make Good Impression On Your First Date:
– Arrive on time 🕤
– Put on a smile 🙂
– Know yourself 🤙
– Look for things you have in common 👀
– Make it less about you and more about them 🤗
– Put your phone on hold.🔇
– Watch and mirror their body language. 👩‍❤️‍👨
– Ask for a second date. ✌️

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7 Things To Do On First Date

😇 Loose the Pressure – Watch something funny before the date to take the pressure of meeting someone for the first time.

👓 Start Noticing – Noticing something about your date that catches your eye, is always a good idea. It lets them know that you pay attention and make them feel appreciated.

✌🏻 Familiar Places – Choose familiar places whether it be for eating or taking a walk or sitting on a park bench helps you to converse with them without the risk of someone disturbing you or you getting lost while walking.

👁 Groom Yourself – When I say dress properly, it doesn’t means that you take a plunge into something fancy, it means that you wear something that fits you and brings the confident person in you.

🙌 Things in Common – Before going out on a date, you should snoop into your date’s likes and dislikes, that gives you a head start into conversations and you can use them even if things start to get a little awkward between you.

🥰 Love at First Sight – For all Disney and Netflix rom-com lovers. Don’t stress out too much if you don’t see a spark in your date, its normal love can grow over time.

🧾 Sharing the Bill – Today after a date some people love to split their bills, as they consider it shouldn’t be someone alone responsibility to pay it, so be courteous and ask your partner if they feel comfortable in sharing the bill.



7 Reasons They Never Called You For A Second Date

You Wonder What Went Wrong On Your FIRST DATE? 😕

👉 Don’t Be Late : If you arrive late to a date, It shows that you are irresponsible or just simply don’t care. So if in case an emergency happens it’s your responsibility to tell the other person in advance.

👉 Fancy Restaurants Are Not Impressive Anymore: The idea of fancy restaurants and movie dates has been clearly outdated. Because anybody can do that. Try impressing them with your personality, take them somewhere it’s fun for you like skateboarding be creative than cliched.

👉 Dressing Sloppy: Since you are meeting your date for the first time, make sure you start your date on the right foot meaning first impressions matter. Because people can tell a lot about you, from how you dress. So don’t sabotage yourself by picking the wrong outfit.

👉 Introducing Topics of Finance, Religion, Politics, or Ex relationships: Now when you are on a date, topics of religion or politics can come up, best is to avoid them as they can lead you to frustration, a difference of opinion. Finance is also a no go too. Lastly never bring up your ex relationships, it gives others a chance to judge you. So leave that topic for the second date.

👉 Flirting With Your Date and Then Looking at Other People: Never flirt with your date, if you keep getting distracted by other people around. Let’s say if you are on a date with a girl and you start flirting with her, but somehow the sight of new women tends to have your eyes rolling. This mistake on your part makes your date feel unwanted and they start to think that you are not really interested.

👉 Asked Too Many Questions: Most people tend to talk too much because they want to express how they are the perfect match for you or they are nervous, which is basically the same.

👉 Asked Whether They Are Seeing Someone Else Too: Okay, first of all, it is none of your business, but we get it. Insecurity gets the better of everyone. And in this case, people come across as needy and weak.



Little Known Benefits of Online DATING

Offers Privacy and Confidentiality:
The only offset of traditional dating was, It left people vulnerable and not secured too. But online dating has made that easy, now you can choose, whom you want to match with and chat with them before committing to a date. This way you have your privacy and can steer clear from the unwanted crowd. Something traditional dating couldn’t protect you from! But online dating will help you to keep your privacy and confidentially at a safe distance. So you keep can keep your focus on the dating part. 🙂

Increasing the Probability of Matching with Someone:
Dating sites, contain a huge database of people, catered on the basic characteristics, geo-location, similar interests, community and desirability.
So thus on these basis the algorithm helps you to save time, and meet a lot of people and help you find a better match. 😉

You Can Date More Partners at the Same Time:
The type of dating that used to happen a decade ago, is not the scene today.
Back then you use to meet through friends, or people trying to set you up, But today through a dating site, you can meet 100’s of people and date them at the same time, until you find your significant someone 😉

Fear Of Rejection Maybe Lower:
Back then, we had a single date, someone with whom we have been talking a while now. And the anxiety we use to have before the first date, would be the most because we had a fear of being rejected. But online dating solves that for you, because here you can have conversations with multiple people at the same time, and the fear of rejection would eventually get lower through online dating. You can just chat with them and let things take it’s course. 😉



They don’t prioritize you
👊 They are dismissive of you
👊 They easily get jealous
👊 They make you second guess their feelings
👊 They’re heavily engaged in social media
👊 They put all the responsibility onto their ex when they broke up
👊 They have the idea of their partner being perfect

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