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Top Tips for Making Your Dating Profile More Enticing

It’s true, technology has really transformed the way people find love. Modern love is all about connecting with someone online, talking to them on the call a few times, and finding the courage to go meet them in real life (hoping they’re not the second coming of Charles Manson).

While this trend is slowly becoming a norm, there’s really no shame in connecting with a stranger online. You could potentially meet the love of your life, or just make really good friends with someone.

But navigating online dating apps can be quite overwhelming. You need to be able to make your profile attractive but very subtly. If you’re someone struggling with your online dating profile, we’re here to help.

Here are the top tips to make your online dating profile more enticing.

A Good Photo Can Make All the Difference

Ask anyone about the importance of good photos on a dating site and they will all tell you the same thing: a good photo makes an impactful first impression.

Women on dating apps usually gravitate towards how the other person is describing themselves, while men might be more inclined toward looks.

Make sure to keep things simple in your bio, and choose from a bunch of photos where you look your best. Remember to include a photo of your face to give the other person a better idea of what you look like.

Keep Your Bio Concise

Dating apps usually give you space for typing in a few sentences about yourself. Make sure that you keep things short and accurate. You can string a bunch of words together that perfectly describe you.

For example, “Baker. Love cats. Painter”. This way you are summing up all of your hobbies that make you interesting in one sentence while being concise.

Be Authentic and Honest

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One last thing to remember is to be honest about yourself. There’s no need to lie about anything to keep things interesting. Wouldn’t you be hurt if someone lied to you about themselves?

Make sure you’re being yourself which is the only way to ensure that you’re forming a real and genuine connection with someone.

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