7 Things To Do On First Date

πŸ˜‡ Loose the Pressure – Watch something funny before the date to take the pressure of meeting someone for the first time.

πŸ‘“ Start Noticing – Noticing something about your date that catches your eye, is always a good idea. It lets them know that you pay attention and make them feel appreciated.

✌🏻 Familiar Places – Choose familiar places whether it be for eating or taking a walk or sitting on a park bench helps you to converse with them without the risk of someone disturbing you or you getting lost while walking.

πŸ‘ Groom Yourself – When I say dress properly, it doesn’t means that you take a plunge into something fancy, it means that you wear something that fits you and brings the confident person in you.

πŸ™Œ Things in Common – Before going out on a date, you should snoop into your date’s likes and dislikes, that gives you a head start into conversations and you can use them even if things start to get a little awkward between you.

πŸ₯° Love at First Sight – For all Disney and Netflix rom-com lovers. Don’t stress out too much if you don’t see a spark in your date, its normal love can grow over time.

🧾 Sharing the Bill – Today after a date some people love to split their bills, as they consider it shouldn’t be someone alone responsibility to pay it, so be courteous and ask your partner if they feel comfortable in sharing the bill.


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