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How to Have a Meaningful Conversation on a Dating App

Ask anyone currently searching for a partner on an online dating app, and they will all tell you the same thing: making conversations on dating apps is stressful.

Small talk with questions like “hey, how are you?” can get redundant and predictable. It’s important to have meaningful conversations with your online matches to take things further, like IRL dating.

But how can you ensure you’re not boring the other person and having a more profound conversation? Don’t worry; we’re here to help.

Read ahead to learn how to have a meaningful conversation on a dating app and make deeper connections.

Ask About the Interests They’ve Mentioned in Their Profile

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One of the best ways to start a meaningful conversation on a dating app is by asking them about something specific from their profile.

People generally respond better when they find out you’ve noticed something specific from their profile which will make them more interested.

For example, if their profile says that they love to paint, you can ask about whom their work is inspired by and how often they paint. This will show the other person that you’re genuinely interested in making a connection.

Ask Them What They’re Looking for in a Partner

Asking someone what they’re looking for in a partner provides a lot of insight into who they are.

This will give you a clear-cut view of the other person’s idea about dating in general. A study conducted in 2019 reveals that 22% of engaged couples had met through online dating.

If you’re in luck, you might find someone whose vision aligns with yours!

You can start with questions like:

  • Are you looking for something casual or something more serious?
  • Are you planning to settle down with someone shortly, or are you just looking to have fun?
  • What qualities do you usually look for in a potential partner?

Don’t be Afraid to Take Risks

When raising eyebrows and creating intrigue, you need to have the guts to do something risky. Surprise your date by adding an element of surprise to your conversations.

Say things your date would least expect you to say and see how things start to take a more interesting direction.

One can only accomplish this once one knows their match a little better. Find out what interests them and let the conversation flow.

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