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3 Rules of Sexting Every One Should Know

Sexting is basically the most fun you can ever have without meeting someone IRL. It gets you hot and bothered, enhances intimacy between you and your partner, and helps you both have a lot of fun.

According to certified sex educator Elizabeth Dell, sending sexts and having intimate conversations is one of the most effective ways to explore sex, intimacy, and pleasure. Humans require experiences that enable them to learn more about their sexuality and enjoy pleasure. It’s exciting, helps you learn more about your partner, and explore new ideas.

Ready to learn more about sexting? Read ahead to learn some of the most important rules of sexting everyone should know about.

1. Consent, Consent, Consent

We cannot emphasize this enough, but consent is important.

While you might be tempted to send someone a risky text or picture, imagine how you’d feel receiving an unsolicited picture of someone’s genitals.

Unsafe and non-consensual sexting can make any individual feel violated and threatened. Make sure you and your partner both have permission before crafting long steamy paragraphs.

Always remember that just like in-person sex, you can change your mind about sexting even if you initially consented to it.

2. Always Double-Check

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Always make sure that you’re double-checking whatever you’re sending.

Whether it’s a picture or something specific in descriptive language, check if the recipient is your partner and nobody else. We’ve all heard horror stories – a text accidentally sent to the parents or on a professional chat.

Turn off automatic downloads and always check if the text is going to the right person. The last thing one wants is for someone’s nudes to get uploaded to the family photos folder.

3. Take Your Time

Sometimes sexting can feel a little overwhelming, especially during the first few times.

It’s okay to feel awkward; take a break if you feel like it, and continue later.

It’s also important to develop a better understanding of your body and sexuality before starting.

Cisgender men get a lot of encouragement to learn about their sexuality and bodies, whereas people who are queer, trans, or non-binary often hesitate because they don’t always have the same experiences cisgender people did.

Make sure to tap into what makes you feel good. Find what you like and explore different options for self-love. Everyone can learn how to sext, regardless of gender, by exploring and developing a deeper understanding of their needs.

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